Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Trains of thought

A few things that have run through my head while either thinking about driving, or being out in the car:

"I'm nervous,
but it's ok, the accident didn't happen at traffic lights
or in the dark
or at a junction.
But listen to yourself
Statistically what are the chances of exactly the same thing happening again...?"

"White trucks.
Don't need to worry about the other vehicles.
But it's not the vehicles you need to worry about
It's the drivers.
Well I won't be meeting her again, at any rate."


  1. I read something the other day about associating a bad memory with a silly up beat tune - do the okey cokey was the one they mentioned. You replay the memory with the tune in the background and it is supposed to make the memory less traumatic. Maybe.

  2. That actually sounds like a good idea! might try it. Maybe not the hokey cokey though ;-)

    I'm quite pleased that I can't remember what was playing on the radio at the time and while I was stuck in the van (we couldn't turn it off as the front had come off!)


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