Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Kind of following on from my last post, is there an official name for the opposite of hypochondriac?  One suggestion I've seen is 'hyperchondriac' but that isn't a word, just a miss-spelling.

If there is, then I think I am one.


  1. Morning. Have a look at spitandbalingwire.blogspot.com s post about positive thinking.

  2. I had a read, thanks. Gosh, some things to think about there.

    I think my anti-hypochondria is a reaction against my mother, to whom every sniffle is a 'stinking cold' etc. I on the other hand tend to underplay anything that's wrong with me.


  3. (I'm cleaning and pondering and returning to the computer)
    Spit and Baling Wire is a whole other way of blogging. She puts so much effort into gathering videos and clips of music and quotes. Really thought out chapters rather than my spur of the moment stuff.
    One of the endless fascinations of the whole thing is the variety I guess.

  4. I'm more like you, my posts are off the cuff as I think of things and that is what I use it for.

    Some blogs I read are just a picture posted every few days and some as you say have loads of stuff; I confess I very rarely bother to watch videos but like the odd picture. I get bored when there is just too much in one post though, and I am conscious of that on mine, that I don't ramble on for too long in each one!


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