Saturday, 7 August 2010

In the blood, to a limit

I come from a family of artists, and have inherited what I would call a sideline talent.   Most of the time I do not have the inspiration, imagination or self-confidence to do any art, but have the odd phase of enthusiasm. at which point people invariably say "Oh, I didn't know you drew / painted?!"  

While I was in hospital I was given a sketch book and some pencils so thought you'd like to see what I produced!  

This is the view I was very familiar with by the end of my 2 week stay in hospital!  I initially drew it to illustrate the different shapes of my knees... note the anti-embollism ('flight') socks, very sexy!

This is our little bear 'Hedgy' chilling out by the bottles of eldeflower cordial and apple & blackberry squash.  Hedgy is so named because he was rescued from a car park at Hedge End; presumably he had been dropped by a small child, I hope they would be pleased that he now has a kind, warm home.

This one I did after I was home and is the two wooden ducks on top of the bookcase. The larger one stands around 15" high; the smaller one was part of a prize I won for 1st place in the Novice's Race at my sailing club.

I keep looking at my sketching/painting box and thinking I really must get it out; if and when I do I shall post more pictures here!

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