Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Feelin' gooooood!!

Today I am feeling great!  I can do anything!

Me doing the 'knee lift' exercise. This is as high at it goes.

This morning Mr H. took me to see the physio, thankfully the appointment was in our home town so we didn't have the 20 mile drive to Southampton.  I had been referred by the consultant to make sure I knew how to do toe-touch weight bearing properly; as it is I had done some in hospital so knew how to do it. But I also wanted to check that the exercises I was given by the hospital physio were still relevant, and get a review of my progress compared with what they would expect.

As soon as I hopped (!) up on to the examination bed he said "Wow, most people wouldn't be able to lift the leg onto the bed without helping it!"; I then showed him that I can lift the whole leg off the bed by at least a foot (something I hadn't actually tried before), and bend my knee to 90 degrees.  

He says my progress is definitely better than would be normal, so that has put a spring in my step for sure! :-)

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