Thursday, 12 August 2010

Is it just age?

It's summer and for the yachting fraternity summer brings stories of parties and hangovers and rum and suchlike.

Short question: at what age do people stop boasting about how much they have drunk?

Having said that, I've never done it, so it can't just be an age thing.... 


  1. Definitely a generation thing. We drank to excess but not in a 'how many shots can you sink' way. Having a baby has stopped Ben doing it :-)

  2. But people my age are still doing it.. I think it is an expectation thing; ie. people behave how their peers expect them to behave and that continues whatever age you are. I've just never bought into the yachtie drinking thing.

    Pleased to hear Ben is off the shots ;-)

  3. We avoided the yachtie lot in the same way that we are avoiding the whole Brits in the Dordogne drinking thing. It's been strange to think over the last month or so with neither of us drinking that we have very rarely been out to dinner without at least one of us drinking over the limit in however small a way.


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