Monday, 9 August 2010

I know my memory's bad, but...

This evening Mr H. and I were lying on my bed watching a film and I thought "my leg is really comfortable, it doesn't feel like there's anything wrong with it"; and then I actually worried that I would forget it is broken and try and jump out of bed to get something or answer the phone... until I realised that as soon as I moved I would remember!


  1. Ha ha there's no pleasing some people!

    PS I just checked to see if you had put anything after a couple of posts I made and they have disappeared. Can't now remember what I put, of course, but something must have been eating them. And yes I did remember to do the word thing while posting.

  2. It's a bit like worrying I'll do something stupid in my sleep!

    I've not seen any new posts on yours since the Yuk Gross one on 3rd August and I've been checking most days. Odd?

  3. Not sure what you mean by 'the word thing'?

  4. You write a comment and press POST and then it goes to another box where you have to retype the wiggly word. It's something to do with Spam or something. That's out of view when you do the first bit and some people don't need it so I don't always remember.

  5. oh sorry I didn't realise you were talking about comments on mine. No they haven't appeared at all, and I get an e-mail now when I get a comment. Must have been a glitch as they are coming through ok now x


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