Thursday, 26 August 2010

Six senses

As inspired by fellow blogger Carol on Not Only In Thailand, here are a few moments exploring the senses....

I can see...
my work laptop scrolling through its 'Keep Calm and Carry On' screensaver
my new orange folding crutches
a photo of Django aged 2 at Penmynydd (the in-laws house)
strings of get well cards
my sketching pad and pencils (under-used)
the record deck Mr.H bought for my birthday
Mr H.'s ukelele
a large stack of notelets and writing paper and my pencil case
a photo of me sailing
the tree and the roof of the Gilbern on the drive outside Base Camp window

I can hear...
traffic on the road
Mr H. upstairs moving things around
my laptop humming
Django moaning as he stretches in his sleep
my long fingernails on the keys

I can feel...
the weight and warmth of the laptop on my lap
my leg aching at the top and bottom of my femur, where the screws are
my cool feet

I can smell...
nothing! except the ever-present faint aroma of 'Dog'.

I can touch...
the smooth fabric of my track bottoms (the only thing that is comfortable)
the familiar keys of my laptop
the scottish thistle ring that Mr H. wears, but that I have purloined to wear while he is away
the softness of the duvet under me (I am lying on my bed)
my scar through fabric as I absent-mindedly massage it

I can taste...
orange juice and tea from breakfast

An interesting exercise in concentration, relaxation and noticing the surroundings.. try it!


  1. Brilliant!! I really enjoyed reading this :-)

    Your comment about only being able to smell the dog made me laugh out loud!

    C x

  2. I really like that Jen, gives a really good picture of where you are.


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