Friday, 6 August 2010

Going against the grain

I know that this post is going to bring howls of protest (well it would if my friends read it!) but blogs exist to unburden ourselves and be honest, don't they.

Mr H. moves to Scotland to start work on the 30th August; he's agreed this now with his new boss so we have a fixed date whereas for the last few weeks it's been a 'moveable feast'.   Once he has gone, I am going to need my friends and parents to help me out with domestic stuff such as walking the dog, washing the sheets (and changing the bed), putting the bins out, shopping, picking vegetables, helping with cooking meals, giving me lifts, etc.

Now, me being a very independent person who hates to ask others for help, I am really going to struggle with this!  However many times people say they are happy to help, in my mind I will be imposing on them.  Also, I think that so many people make empty offers throughout ones life, that you never really take them seriously... I suppose a situation like this sorts out the real friends from the fake ones. 

Anyway the upshot is that I am going to have to re-educate myself to ask for help; and more importantly, ACCEPT IT!  If I don't I will have the wrath of Mr H. to deal with when he finds out that I have been struggling to do things that I shouldn't.

You never stop learning in this life, or having to adapt to new situations; and actually I will be doing my friends a favour, because helping me out will ultimately make them feel GOOD (because I don't believe that altruism exists); so now I just need to convince myself of that!


  1. Tony says why don't you employ someone to come in and charge it to the insurance? Then you don't have to impose on anybody. It's worth an ask anyway.

  2. No, that would be even worse, having a stranger here doing things! thanks for the thought though :-) x

  3. oh and there is another reason - I have no money to pay anybody ;-) and any claim back will not happen for 12-18 months.

    I considered online shopping but actually I like shopping and choosing food, especially fresh food; so I will go with my friend Gail as a social occasion!


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