Monday, 9 August 2010

Touching my toes

This week I have progressed from 'hopping around with one foot 4" off the ground' to 'toe-touch weight bearing'.   This means that when I'm using the crutches I can rest the toes of my right foot on the floor, without putting any weight on it (yes I know, its name suggests you do).

You would think that this wouldn't make much difference, still effectively hopping right, since there is no weight bearing involved?   Wrong!   Just being able to rest my foot on the ground means that I am no longer lifting my hip to keep the foot clear; as my knee isn't very flexible I now realise I've been using my hip rather than bending my knee.  So, I am immediately feeling more balanced and because I am 'walking' with that foot it feels more normal.   Suddenly I feel as though I am making great leaps and bounds of progress just from this small change!

Suddenly I feel that I could walk round to the shop; cook myself dinner; colour my hair; hoover the kitchen floor, walk the dog... well ok not that!   but I feel a little bit less helpless, which has got to be a good thing.

And before you tell me to 'be careful and don't overdo it', no need. Just because I feel like I could do all these things doesn't mean that I will ;-)


  1. I had no intention of telling you to be careful ;-) I think this is brilliant news. It must be lovely to have a leap forward that you can actually see rather than tiny tiny increases that you don't notice. Delighted for you x

  2. Haha it wasn't aimed at you personally ;-) x

    Yes it feels really good!!


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