Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fun down at the Sailing Club

We had such fun this afternoon, it was the annual Bath Race at our sailing club; just as it sounds, teams pay £5 entry for charity and race custom-modified domestic baths around a (very short) course in the river.  Our office had entered a team for the first time, despite talking about it numerous times in the past!

Some of the contestants waiting to start
After a dull morning, the sun managed to break through, lots of friends and general public had come down to see the baths and line the sea wall to watch the racing, and cheer on their team.   The event was sponsored by the Ringwood Brewery who had a mobile bar there; there were ice-creams and burgers too.

They're off!
There were about 15 teams and they race in different heats.  Unfortunately our team boat was rather slow but made up for it in looks!   The atmosphere along the sea wall, where we had managed to find ourselves a good vantage point, was relaxed and friendly; and we bumped into several friends unexpectedly which added to our enjoyment of the day.

'Free for all' race
At the end there was a 'free for all' race, during which carnage ensued (being the main aim of the race) with capsizes, sinkings, boardings of the opposition and general sabotage.   Our team was boarded and suffered complete inversion, but managed to paddle home upside down and finish the race!

They might have had one of the slowest boats, but team "Rating Bandits" did take away the prize for Best Looking Bath so we were all very proud!

Me and Mr H. at the sea wall watching the racing
It was a great afternoon out and I barely thought about my leg or whether it hurt :-)

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