Monday, 30 August 2010

Worth the aching afterwards!

Yesterday I had a few hours out of the house with friends, which I really enjoyed.  It was the christening of my friend from work's 2 year old; in Mr H's absence my best friend came as my escort so picked me up at 9.30; I was testing out 'real trousers' for the first time (I have been living in soft jersey track trousers) and found them comfortable despite my lopsided-sized hips. The car park for the church is just around the corner and I said 'yes I'm fine walking, no need to drop me at the door'. 

First realisation - how frustratingly slow it is walking on crutches (I've only done it around the house really) when other people are noticeably dawdling to keep at the same speed.

The church was really full and we sat with other friends from work and made disparaging comments about the length of some of the congregations' skirts (very short) and wondered what the job of the lad in the long, heavy white cassock was?  (standard bearer and candle-lighter, we decided).   The christening all went well, nobody drowned.

Second realisation - church pews are not comfortable even with a cushion, they are too narrow front to back; I decided to stand up for the hymns to give The Leg some variety of discomfort.

After the hour's service my best friend G was 'gasping for a cuppa', so we stopped at my house for half an hour; also to let Django out and use The Facilities - we knew that tea and toilets might be difficult to come by at the christening party!    The party was held in a field at the grandparents' farm. Marquees had been erected and tables and chairs put out, and a whole home-grown lamb was roasting on a spit; adults stood and drank and chatted, while their small offspring ran around and played with hay bales, toy tractors and real digger buckets.  The rain mostly held off and it was a lovely, relaxed gathering.  We scoffed roast lamb and salad, and cupcakes and Mars Bar & cornflake cakes, and chatted and laughed.

Third realisation - I can drink two glasses of white wine & lemonade and still walk on crutches.

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  1. First realisation - nobody else minds how slow you're going
    Second realisation - pews are uncomfortable for everybody. I think God made them for really short people with padded arses
    Third realisation - yay


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