Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The basic of all basics

This morning I am thinking about knickers and wondering why so many of them have sharp edges.

Apart from the fact that knickers with narrow elastic at the top and legs never look particularly flattering on those of us over a size 8 (UK) - that is, the majority of the population - they are also not as comfortable as those with wide lace trim.   And when you throw a healing surgery scar into the equation it just exacerbates the issue - they dig in, irritate it and are generally uncomfortable.

"Ah, a G-string is the answer!" you might say (or maybe not, knowing who might be reading this...) but I severed my extremely brief relationship with G-strings more years ago than I can remember, for two reasons: 1. they are excruciatingly uncomfortable and 2. they look ridiculous with low-rise jeans on anyone over 18 (and even on 18 years olds it is questionable).

"Commando...?" yes on the odd occasion, but not for every day.

So, for the moment, there is no more buying a 5-pack of bikini style knickers, and I'm not going to fork out for individual pairs at £5 + each (yes I'm tight).    I will just make do with what I have until I can get back to Debenhams and avail myself of their 'any 5 pairs for £10' happy deal.

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