Monday, 7 March 2011

What the doc said

So I had x-rays today, it was 3 months since the last ones and they looked disappointingly similar.   Although I suppose the new bone looks a bit denser and smoother, there are still some gaps.  But it's all going to plan and I don't need more x-rays until September.  On the downside, the pain and aches are likely to be sticking around a few months or years (?!) more as the traumatised muscles and tissues 'settle down'.

I requested a referral for physiotherapy, which I can get at my local hospital in my home town.  I have a card that says I require 'quads strengthening' so will make an appointment for that as soon as I can.    I also mentioned to the doc that I have a bicycle, at which his eyes lit up and said 'that will be perfect'.

This evening I got said bicycle out of the garage and into the workshop (step 1).  I pumped up the tyres and inspected the chain (step 2). I went to throw my leg over it - well when I say 'throw' it was more like gingerly manoevering (step 3) - ouch!!    Hmm that hip flexion needs working on.  Then I got off again (step 4), locked it away and went in for a cup of tea (step 5).

Definite progress *brushes off hands in satisfaction*


  1. Maybe a girlie bike would be easier to start with?? Sophie's got one somewhere I think.

  2. I've always fancied a tricycle, maybe now would be a good time to get one! Problem is storage ;-)

    If Sophie has a girlie bike and doesn't use it, maybe she'd let me borrow it, will see you next week anyway. xx

  3. Ooh, cycling will be fun, especially with the nice spring weather coming on. :-)


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