Monday, 7 March 2011

KEEP CLEAR - Rant Ahead!

It's not really rocket science is it?  But WHY do people ignore this written on the road??

On Saturday I almost missed my train because a woman had parked across the KEEP CLEAR entrance to the station car park while waiting for the level crossing. And yes I called her a 'dozy ****' etc. while I sat there waiting. I probably would have had time to get out of my car, go over and offer to pull forward those extra 3 feet that would have allowed me to squeeze through, since she was apparently incapable of interpreting my pointing.

Today there were road works traffic lights which caused a tailback onto the roundabout near my house. So naturally people stopped ON the roundabout and left a 'car plus 1/2 inch' space to get through, for those of us wishing to go straight across.

And when people stop across KEEP CLEAR marking, or obvious (to me at least) areas of road which are required for movement of vehicles, and there is space for them to move out of the way, they just glaze over or studiously ignore the person gesticulating to them to "Please, with all due respect, would you MOVE!".   Gah!!!

I was thinking we should have KEEP CLEAR written on the road in front of our house, to stop people blocking the drive. But on second thoughts I won't because people would probably park there even more.


  1. rules only apply to OTHER people LOL, some people truly think the world revolves around them .

  2. Twain12 is definitely right.. THEY think it revolves around them because its obvious no one else gives them the time of

  3. Grr don't get me started at people not abiding by road rules. There are major road works on the main road at the top of my street causing traffic build up and it pees me of people stopping thier cars on the crossing causing to dodge round cars with toddler in tow or even missing the green man cos of a ruddy great truck in the way.

  4. Himself tells me that 'stupid ought to be painful'.

    This would probably be something he'd use as an example--NOT that he needs another one. I give him material all the time.

    Like tonight......when I slammed the car door on my thumb. :-/
    Oh wait.....that was painful.....and painfully stupid.......


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