Saturday, 19 March 2011

The contrasts of Spring

Training 2
Location: Hinchelsea and Longslade Bottom
Miles: 2.64
Time: 50 mins
Average speed: 3.1 mph
Terrain: X-country

After a reasonably sunny week, Friday was a miserable, wet, cold in-your-bones day but the evening cleared to a beautiful full-moonlit night and a sky sparking with stars.  It gave me that feeling of wanting to run naked round the garden, but I didn't.

This morning dawned cloudless and frosty, but the sun coming up over the houses had warmth in it.  I had arranged to go and see a friend who was house-sitting and looking after horses at a farm out on the edge of the Forest, so I took expensive biscuits and we sat in the garden drinking tea, and chatted to a couple of the horses. 

It was a day that insisted on me being out of doors, there was no way it was going to allow me to be inside studying all day, so after leaving my friend to the stables' mucking-out I went and picked up Django and we headed out for a walk.   I didn't intend it to be 2-greens long, it just ended up that way. We walked up on the sandy path through the heather, through the woods and back along the greens. By this time it was midday and warmed up nicely, I had stripped off my fleece and Django needed a drink-stop at the 'oasis'.

So, I ended up doing almost an hour's walk, which made up for the fact that I skipped cycling to work yesterday because of the freezing cold rain.... That's the thing about springtime, you never know what you're going to pull out of the Weather Bag.


  1. Well done, PUPPY!!

    Tricked ya, dontchaknow. Just his way of making sure you get that exercise! (well, an maybe a bit of 'puppy wants a walk NOW', too...)

    Tea and biscuits minus mucking out horsey gunk--VERY good deal. LOL

  2. Sunday was just miserable for us here in Southern California, the storm that blew in blew in hard and stayed hard all day.

    Good thing I didn't have to go anywhere much so it was warm blanket day.

    Glad to see your progress on the bike.


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