Monday, 14 March 2011


My horoscope on Friday in our local paper read: "You can't work towards your goals if you're exhausted. It's time to make a more realistic schedule for yourself. By doing so you'll find your strength returns and progress will be made."

So obviously I took serious stock of this (ignoring the fact that it could apply to anyone, not just Geminis) and cycled to work today.  Only in the afternoon, so that was 1.5 miles there and 1.5 miles home.  The girls at work were agog when I turned up in my hi-viz jacket and cycling helmet after lunch - "You cycled....????"

I do have a couple of questions:

Firstly, who changed my saddle for a narrower one with no padding, hm??

Secondly, who put restrictor valves in my lungs?

Thirdly, is it normal to feel sick after cycling 1.5 miles?

I knew I would be unfit but that was the first exercise other than walking or stretching that I'd done in almost 9 months, and it hit home just HOW unfit I am. It's quite scary.  I didn't exactly bust a gut, but I didn't dawdle either.

So, I won't be cycling to work every day! But once or twice a week and building it up has got to be a good step in the right direction.

Other than that, I am rethinking my schedule and might try and wangle myself an extra half hour in bed....


  1. good job...i know how bad i would do :S

  2. It sounds like a great plan! Exercise is always good, and I am glad to hear you can manage it with your injury. 1.5 miles is a great start. BTW, I love your horoscope quote.

  3. Gosh not like my cousins partner then who did one school run on her bike with her daughter on the back and stopped because her legs hurt the next day, now she gets my aunt to ferry her kid to and from school.

    Good for you.

  4. Frankly, given the nature of the injury -- I'm impressed!
    You GO girl!!!!

    Yup.....I think it's a very good thing.
    So is wangling an extra 30 minutes in bed. :-/

  5. Ease into the cycling, soon you'll be doing it no problem!

  6. From one Geminis to another isn't great to be back on the saddle again! And keep everyone guessing! So cool, I can see their faces as you walked in! ;)

  7. Chibi, reminds me of one of the girls from work who bought herself a nice new Pashley bicycle and used it *once* for work. She lived half a mile up the road from me at the time; I think people just get too used to the car. I've really noticed how much it is costing me to drive to work each day, and that is a good incentive to get back on my two wheels!

    Mel: I persuaded Django to go to bed half an hour earlier last night, and still not get up til 7am - bliss!

    Karen: A-ha another Gemini! I'm June 1st, when's yours?


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