Tuesday, 15 March 2011

On your marks....

Location:  Longslade Bottom
Miles:  1.44
Time:  29 mins
Average speed:  3.0 mph
Terrain: X-country, one short uphill section.
Pain by the end:  6/10
Conversation stops adjusted for: 1 (an old Pointer-owner friend!)

OK, training has started!

Last spring I bought myself a personal GPS, a 'watch' type which straps on my wrist so is easy to use walking/cycling/running.   I didn't use it in anger except for a couple of runs I did, and for curiosity value on dog walks.  Today I have put new batteries in it and can monitor my progress.

And for what am I in training?   To get back to my previous fitness before the crash.  I might not have been a super athlete before but I was above average fitness/strength. I reckon it's going to take me the rest of this year and maybe then some.  

It's a daunting thought but at least I will get back to it.


  1. good luck...i just love your countryside

  2. yay Juni! Good luck with that you'll get there in time! <3

  3. One giant step every day, moment by moment, day by day.....anmd suddenly before ya know it, you say hey I'm Back!!!!!

  4. ....and the puppy will say "WAIT UP!!! Sheeeeeshhh!!!!!"

    <-- personally looking forward to the puppy saying that! :-)


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