Sunday, 20 March 2011

An apology... Carmi (Thematic Photographic) and Illustration Friday, and the other arty weekly things that I used to find time to take part in... I haven't for a while.   And it's not that I couldn't find the time, it's just that I've got out of the habit of waiting with baited breath to see what this week's subject is going to be... sadly this is what happened now I'm back in the office full time.  And my arty mojo seems to have gone A.W.O.L. now my head is full of science and psychology and stuff like that.

If I can do it occasionally if not every week, I hope that you won't hold that against me.


  1. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) but these weekly things are here for as long as the person running them keeps it up, good if we respond, and if life gets in the way, we all take breaks away...hey Carmi has been slipping lately.... his usual Thursdays turned into other days of the gets busy for everyone...I miss seeing your creative genius though....but I always sense when you get the bug you'll goodness your head must be going crazy at times with all your schooling and I know you like to read and all that with work and caring for a dog who loves to run and play...thank goodness you don't have a second job too (like some of us) so we'll see ya when you come around the mountain yes we will! ;)

  2. I used to feel like this about a couple of weekly things that I got involved with. I now do them when I can, or if I feel inspired, if not I don't beat myself up about it.

  3. I'm so daft I hadn't even realised that they worked like that. I didn't known it was organised, I just thought that was how some Wednesday's made you feel! I do absolutely love them though. Busy times all around, but when you are that good your 'arty mojo' could never be that far away!



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