Monday, 28 March 2011

Brain dump

Thank goodness, I managed to get 550 words of Discussion down this evening in my qualitative research report. For the last week I've been going round in circles, changing my analysis themes and it just wasn't coming together and I was starting to panic.  Mind you I do that on every one - at some point in writing I decide that I Can't Do It and I have to get past that thought and put my mind to it. Let's hope the ICDI moment doesn't last too long in the exam!

Now I think I'm on track with this one so I'm very relieved.  I think there will  be a lot of editing at the end of though...

Django's presence has been requested in the office tomorrow so I guess I'll give him a treat and take him in either the morning or afternoon. I really need to cycle tomorrow sometime as I only have two days this week without medical / physio / dentist / haircut appointments to drive to.

We had another death in the office on Saturday... well not literally you understand, but my boss's mother died :-(  she was 87 and it was old age rather than anything specific, I think she just decided it was time to go. Let's hope that this run of mortalities among staff families is over for a while...

On a brighter note I saw the dental hygienist this morning, a breed normally known for terrorizing everyone who enters their room. But this one was very nice (may be something to do with being in a private practice). Admittedly she did some serious digging around in a couple of places but all in all said I was making a good effort - I felt like a kid who'd got a gold star at school!

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  1. *sigh* I'm sad for the loss of a mom at any age. But I'm glad the boss had her around to love for all that time. Lucky him.

    In the meantime, I hope today's adventure went well for the puppy. No doubt spoilt well! :-)


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