Thursday, 24 March 2011

Walking in the evening light

I love springtime because I have time to take Django for a proper walk after work, now that it's not getting dark until 6.30-ish.

Usually we go on foot down to the fields because it's easy, but tonight I drove down to the sea for a sunlit stroll around the marshes. Here are some photos for you to join us...

There are few better ways to wind down from work.

When I got home I logged onto the computer to print out some study stuff to read through, and discovered the mark for my TMA4 ready to collect.  82% which is my highest this year - I'm really pleased because I worked extra hard on that essay determined to get a higher mark and over 80%.

There are only two more to go: the qualitative report I'm working on at the moment, and a final essay.  Then it's all revision time until the exam on June 14th...


  1. <-- doing happy dance!!!!!


    The walk was cool enough--the nice marks on the essay.....topped it off!

    <-- doing happy dance

  2. Lovely pictures. Thank you for taking me on your walk too :-) And congratulations on a well deserved mark. All your efforts are working.

  3. It's all about the little moments in life that keep us going strong through the bigger stuff! Hooray for your score!!!!...and thanks for the lovely walk...I brought my doggie along too!

  4. Have to admit, those photos kind of make me want to cry when I look at the half metre of snow I can still see out my window. Ah well, maybe some day we'll have spring too.

  5. deeol ... "if winter's here, can spring be far behind?" hang in there! x

  6. ick for the exam but oh! for the dreamy, beautiful walks! :)


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