Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes

I have all these thoughts bottled up inside me, but the only person I can tell about them is Mr H., because I know he will understand.

If I put them on here, or on Facebook or anywhere else public, I would be shot down in flames. And don't say that anyone can say anything on a blog because that is a fallacy - there is always someone who will get upset.  Now that is fine if one's blog is totally about speaking your mind and upsetting people, but mine isn't.

I blame it on my course, it's got me *thinking* about so many different things, and now I have opinions but I know that they aren't always popular ones.  And one isn't supposed to voice an unpopular opinion, because The People are supposed to all think the same thing, and anyone who doesn't and says so is labelled as uncaring or cruel or outrageous.    So we all just go along saying the same nice things and trying to ignore the fact that perhaps the Emperor is naked.


  1. The good news is you do have Mr. H who does understand.

    I have himself that just doesn't 'get it'.....leastwise it sure feels that way at the moment--too close to the problem, methinks.

    Anyway--I'd tell you "It's your space, say what you will", but you can determine what's best for you......I'm relatively sure of that.

    Well......'cept for bon bons....and mass amounts of chocolate whatzits. :-/

  2. It's hard when we have something that is really playing on our mind, but we are too worried to share it because we know it may offend someone. I do understand that.

  3. Yet again the temptation of a blog that is totally anonymous? Has anyone got one?

  4. I used to always say what I thought, whatever.... but I am gradually learning that it's not always the best thing to do. In the past I would have said, "You gotta do what's right for you.' Trouble is, I'm not sure I always know what's right for me.

    I agree with Mel - you are so very lucky that you have Mr H, and that you are sure that he will understand.

  5. Clearly as pictured here, he is naked! I agree with Alexia and Mel you are very lucky to have Mr. H. not all hubbies have that specialty...and I'm all for speaking your/my/our mind. You just never know someone may agree, those that don't may pout, or slam back, that's okay too...debate is a good thing...You'll never please everyone, ever. Mostly I've noticed here that people either ignore or add to posts....so why not let it all hang out like the naked man!

  6. Rosie, I don't think it makes any difference if it's anonymous - after all you are the only one here that knows me in reality (if you know what I mean).

    Karen, I agree debate is good, but the subjects I'm thinking about, people don't consider open to it. I got a right ticking off once for a comment I made about having/not having children, on somebodies blog. "How dare you say blah blah". Freedom of speech apparently doesn't extend to emotive subjects.

  7. I'm honoured :-)
    Then go for it. The only reason I have for not saying what I think is that it might hurt the people concerned. If they aren't here then what's the problem?
    ((I will leave quietly - but with huge regret - if you want to be anonymous))

  8. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere ;-) x


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