Sunday, 27 March 2011

Synchronising calendars

Last night Mr H and I sorted out when he would be having Django and when I will. It made me think of the friends and family who have wall-charts showing when each parent is going to have the children.. except that our arrangements are undoubtedly less traumatic.

So, the young man will be going up to Scotland for the summer, from the end of May to the beginning of September. I suppose it's rather like him 'taking a cottage for the summer' like families did in the old days - does anyone do that now?   It means he will be up there when I fly up for my birthday weekend which will be good; and leaves the summer free for me to go to sailing events without having to worry about him.

He'll be back down here from September to November - neatly coinciding with Mr H's trips south for hospital appointments and an Imelda May gig (ooh!).   Then back up north in November until Christmas.  

It makes the year seem very short, writing that.

Here is a picture of Django out on our walk this morning. No running around exploring for him when I stopped for a snack.. after he'd done some digging around in the bracken he took the opportunity for a kip!


  1. awww, he is such a good dog

  2. Oh, I sooooooo wanna be that puppy taking the kip--or however one says 'nap!'.

    Puppy needs a bit of a spring break, dontchathink?

  3. Aww how sweet. Took my dog to the beach last week. He loved it, we don't often get the chance to take him due to dog restriction during the summer but thankfully we had a super spring day.

  4. DJ is such a good dog, yes the year will seem short but it will seem longer without him. I hope you'll busy enough to not notice it too much though.


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