Thursday, 17 March 2011

Second rung of the Juniper revival

The title of this article in Mr H's forestry magazine made me chuckle and I thought it appropriate to share... the text of the article is interesting but not relevant to my blog post!

Today I had a lovely peaceful and fairly productive day.. in the morning there were just three of us in the office, me and my two closest colleagues. Everyone else was out at a measurers' seminar we were running. This afternoon I had a couple of hours on my own. I had thought of going over to the seminar after lunch, but decided the opportunity to get some work done in peace was too good to miss!    Offices feel so different without the background noise of more computers on and people typing and talking.  

In the end I spent most of the afternoon struggling with formatting for an e-mail newsletter which I foolishly volunteered to edit.  But it was much easier to do without interruptions and hopefully I can get it sorted and sent out tomorrow.

I stepped onto the second rung of the revival ladder today and walked to the supermarket as I only needed a couple of things.  I made sure I used a basket and not a trolley so as not to accidently overload (it's never a good idea to impulse-buy loads of stuff and then remember you're walking home...!).   It took me about 15 minutes to walk home with one bag, which was ok. I can't remember how long it used to take me, but then I usually had about 4 bags to carry so probably not much different!

Tomorrow I plan to cycle to/from work at least once.  The fuel warning light just came on in the car, it's amazing what an incentive that is with petrol at £1.32 a litre....


  1. We live more than 3 miles from the nearest grocery, and there are no sidewalks. While I would like to live where I could walk to shopping, I don't and probably never will. I applaud your efforts.

  2. Well, I've now spent a good while catching up on your blog - who knew reports on exercise could be so interesting? ;)

  3. LOL at Nancy!

    In the meantime--GOOD for you!
    About the cycling...NOT about offering to edit some newsletter. (ughhhhh....formatting sucks!)
    (but then so do excel spreadsheets...omg they suck!)

  4. Juniper-
    I have been watching your revival with admiration and respect ever since I discovered your blog and read about your horrific accident. You are inspirational.

    And funny :)

  5. Kenju - it is handy being only 10-15 mins walk away from the supermarket and high street, but still be 'out of town'.

    Nancy - haha! I try my best ;-)

    Mel - I don't mind programs when they DO what you ASK them to, and don't try and think for themselves aagggh!

    Alexia - Thank you!



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