Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I am allergic to weddings. I just want you to know that.

If I could have been married without a wedding, I gladly would have done so.

I make exceptions for my favourite people, but beyond that please just don't invite me.


  1. Can't say I like the things either or christenings actually anything in a church they are long boring and in a building with no heating. I was heavily pregnant during my cousins baby christening and the vicar was doing the whole I cast out all evil bit, I would have loved to have gone into labour at that moment just for the amusement value.

  2. Oh nonononononooooooooooooo..

    <-- doesn't do weddings.

    Whatever for? LOL

    <-- will send a prezzie
    <-- will send a congratulatory card

    <-- will NOT attend, tyvm


  3. I distinctly remember thinking ' well what was the point of that, I don't feel any different ' after ours. But then I also remember having face ache from smiling so much so something must have been good. (OH says it's because I wasn't used to smiling!)

  4. Oh good, I thought it was just me!

    The bit I also dislike is the eternal WAITING around for hours on end for the photographs while you get hungrier and hungrier and more and more bored (especially weddings where the only people you know are the bride/groom). Yes I know it's their day and all that but still.

    Rosie, you seem to do plenty of smilin now :-)

  5. Oh man don't remind me about waiting for food, went to a friends wedding and we had to sit through the never ending speeches then the food system was a buffet which would only allow one table to go at a time and we were sat on the last table, the food was cold by the time we got there. They could have least put bread on the table. Think I'll decline any other wedding invites from no on

  6. I will go to your weddings for you. As long as they have an open bar.

  7. Thanks Libby, but sadly in this case I very much doubt it!!


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