Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sunbathing on Easter Weekend...?

Today I feel that I have been extremely lazy. This is based on the fact that I spent a large number of hours sitting on my sun lounger in the garden reading 'Atonement', drinking tea and watching the birds going about their business.

Normally this would be virtually impossible for me to achieve. I would end up weeding or doing other chores that need doing, and not being able to sit still. But since I had all those months sitting around unable to do things, I am much better at it now.

Django did much the same, except that he slept in various sunny/shady places around the garden instead of reading a book.

We were out walking at 7.15am up on the Forest this morning, and then I walked into town to the market for a few things, so I wasn't a complete slob.  And now it's shady so I have my chores to do - watering the vegetable patch.


  1. Certainly good weather for a bank holiday weekend. Barn dog hid inside for most of the day to hot for a husky cross. I got the rest of my veggie patch planted today.

  2. how green everything looks...i'm so jealousy. We still have patches of snow that needs to melt and double digit temperature are still a rarity. I know though as soon as i have to mow the lawn on a weekly basis i will be complaining about that.Enjoy the weather :)

  3. Chibi - oh yes with that thick coat I can imagine! I've been out with Django at 7.30am the last few mornings, can't understand people who walk their dogs at midday in this weather :-/

    Twain12 - it is unseasonably warm here, we're having July temps mid 20s C. And yep the lawn is growing - and it's nice and green because it's 50% moss :-)

  4. You appear to be having a lovely spring! We are getting there...."sigh" maybe....You know, just a thought, if you got Django a book he liked he could read too! Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter, ma'am.
    And what a great way to spend the weekend day.

    Lemme know how you like Atonement. Started it--got irritated and set it down. *sigh*
    I'm thinking it was a just a rough start and it's worth picking up?

    In the meantime--I'm all about sunshine, warmth and garden sitting.
    Unfortunately....ain't happening with clouds and rain mixed with snow.

    It's SPRING.
    It is spring....right? *sigh*

  6. Mel, I had a false start with it too, this is my second attempt and now glued to it. Give it another go. x

    Hope Spring comes to you, and Karen, properly soon!!

  7. In my next life, I'm coming back as Django.

  8. Very slick link between posts, JJ ;-)

  9. I knew there'd be some advantage to all these months of sitting...........practice makes perfect :-)


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