Saturday, 16 April 2011

My favourite days

My favourite days of the week are Tuesday and Friday, because those are the days I most often receive a letter in the post from Mr H.

Here are the letters I have received since 29 August 2010....

I feel like an excited kid when I come home at lunchtime and look in our letter box, and there amongst the junk mail and  boring stuff is a little handwritten envelope from him.

I always make my lunch and cup of tea and then sit down and read the letter while I eat. Sometimes it makes me smile, sometimes it makes me cry, but always it makes me feel close to him.

So... *ignoring any relevance to being at work/college or not* what is your favourite day(s) of the week and why?


  1. The weekend as hubs is not working so we either do something all together or he takes kiddo out and I get a rare afternoon off.

  2. Oh comes the strange looks.

    I like Mondays.
    Yes, I know--most folks do not. I DO. I'm never bored. There's always a bazillion things to do.....and the kiddos actually let me know they MISSED ME!

    k..... Might be a bit of ego driving my liking Mondays....
    Seriously--I'm usually all about going back after two days off.
    I am a not well woman........

  3. i Should say that my favourite days of the week are when my fella is on his partial retirement days and at home..........!

    But I am a little uncertain about it all.......

  4. I like Wednesdays for some odd reason. And that's cute about the letter bit <3


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