Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Leg Says 'No'!

Sadly the Holiday Anaesthetic has worn off....  I might Want More but my body doesn't currently agree with me, it's gone on strike!  I was feeling so good after our holiday, and the fact that I managed to do more walking than I thought, that I was all fired up with enthusiasm when I got back.   Couple that with the cost of running a car 1.5 miles to work and back every day (I can't believe how quickly the tank empties doing those short trips) at over £1.30 per litre and I was determined to use Shanks Pony or my bicycle for my commute. 

So on a couple of days I cycled in the morning and drove in the afternoon (have already established that once there and back is enough at the moment).

On Tuesday I decided I'd walk to work for the first time and take Django with me.  Well, walking to work on your own, on pavements in soft shoes is so much harder than walking in good company on grass in walking boots with a lovely view...who knew?  I reckon if you multiply the miles by about 6 then you get the equivalent. 

By the time I was half-way to the office my leg was complaining. By the time I got home in the evening I had slowed down to half my speed and was ready to cry.  I felt so pathetic - for heaven's sake it was a 1/4 of what I'd walked last week if I include walking around town and shops etc. 

I grimly had to write a note to myself - I am not ready to walk to work yet.

Photo illustrating the pleasantness of holiday walking compared with work walking

On Wednesday it ached but I was still feeling confident of being able to go for a walk on the clifftop with a friend on Saturday.  

This morning I took Django down to the field, a short 25 minute round trip. I took my walking stick because I felt as though I'd need it and I did, I felt as though I'd stepped back on my ladder by 2 months. I spent most of today at work with an ice-pack down my jeans, eating Kendal Mint Cake as comfort food.  

So, the leg says 'No' and has demanded rest and relaxation.  I have no choice but to submit to it for a few days (except for those short trips down to the field because Django has to be walked).  I'm not particularly good at submitting to whinging body parts but sometimes it has to be done.  

It was probably not a good combination of overdoing it and the come down from a fantastic week with my husband, and the PMS probably hasn't helped how I feel about it.... 

So, I will be suggesting swapping the clifftop walk on Saturday for coffee and a chat instead.


  1. coffee and a chat sounds kind to yourself ♥

  2. Its a pain when your own body conspires against you. My knee and I are not on speaking terms sometimes (lousy arthritic genetics from my mother).

    Hope your back to rambling soon.

  3. I think mint cake heals most so many problems so I hope it works on your leg, and not your teeth.

  4. Sorry just I posted that my daughter walked up, ignore the word most. :D

  5. It's so amazing how our body lets us know these things....early too....from your picture you have the right answer....I had an sore arm once a few years back, not even sure now why...too much inside painting?...but I held my arm under water for a good long time in Lake Minnetonka and it was quickly cured! Water is priceless! Hope you catch back will....easy does it they say....;)

  6. Right.

    Ya think perhaps the weekend pushing finally caught up?

    Easy there, ma'am.
    I'm thinkin' it's just your body talking to you saying--WOW was that a cool weekendbutholdonaminute I forgot I was healing stillowieowieowie.

    Eat mint cakes.
    Whinge a little.

    I find that extremely theraputic!
    Truth be told--I find eating HIS mint cakes the most helpful.

    JUST sayin'.... :-/

  7. Juniper: Thank you for the good vibes on my new computer. You were absolutely right. I don't know what I was worried about. Please be 100% soon. I send some good vibes right back to you!

  8. Nice leg, kind leg, thank you for letting me walk up mountains leg. Thank you for not doing this half way down a mountain leg............

  9. Twain12 - definitely, and I'll try!

    Chibi - bad knees are awful :-(

    Joey - extra brushing!

    Karen - indeed. The ice-pack is the closest I can get right now!

    Mel - it was 6 days, no wonder the poor thing has called time-out. Whinging done now.. but still have a packet and a half of mintcake to go.

    JJ - pleased to hear it and thanks for the vibes!

    Rosie - very true.. thank you for reminding me.

    Not that there were mountains involved - more slight humps in the ground ;-)


  10. Yeah sometimes you gotta submit to your body, like when my knee bothers me.


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