Friday, 29 April 2011

Snippets from an extra bank holiday

I just deleted 118 people from my Facebook friends list, it felt great. They were acquaintances or even 'once-acquaintances'.  It will be interesting to see how many of them even notice.

This morning I watched the Royal Wedding live over at my parents house. I'm not a Royalist or a anti-Royalist - I don't worship the Royal family but equally I have nothing against them.Anyway it was a beautiful show and it was good to see something positive instead of all the doom and gloom. Kate was a lot cooler than I would have been amongst all that pressure!    Oh and for those of you who remember that I hate going to weddings - watching from the comfort of a sofa is quite another matter ;-)   

Tonight I am going with a friend to see We Will Rock You, I used to be a big Queen fan and saw them twice live in the 80s so it should be a good evening!

A small brown spaniel just legged it out of my house closely followed by a barking Django...  It turned out it belonged to visitors next door, it had obviously come through the hedge and had a good nose around!

On that note I must go and get something to eat, have a good weekend.


  1. Oh I know your parents were filled with joy that you came over to share the wedding with them...(I'm kind of glad the wedding is over) perhaps life will get back to normal with less wedding talk....I am so proud of you in dis-connecting-with those that tie you down and don't add any happiness to your FB... funny thing I don't even have that many....I think I'm just under 100...I really only have accepted family, and our close friends...a few co-workers....not so much of the other kinds of people (like some of the bloggers I follow have invited me to FB them)...but I haven't felt like meshing so many unknowns into my that silly, foolish? Well it's just me really...mostly private...

  2. glad you enjoyed it too, like you i think there is so much negatives news out there that i appreciated the bit of glitz today and over all i found it to be very tasteful.
    Enjoy your outing tonight :)

  3. Karen, I ended up with a lot because they were sailing people I knew through work (or through sailing itself). It was time for a weed out when I thought "do I care what they are doing? and vice versa? Do I need FB to get in touch in the future if I want to? No."

    Yes my parents were very pleased I was there to share it with them :-)

  4. I just knew they would be! So very cool!

  5. Awwwwwww......time with mum and dad!

    I think I could do a couch wedding...possibly. Of course, I didn't. But then neither did he--too worried about international disaster of some sort, he told me....he's sooooo neurotic! LOL

    Hold on.
    100 friends is a small amount?! Yikes!!

  6. I managed to get a shot of the Happy Couple :)) only joking.

    Have to say I'm rather disinterested in the whole royal affair. I do wish them a happy marriage though

  7. A friend and I had a lovely time bitching about the outfits and enjoying the delight of the crowd


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