Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spot's Spot

Hi guys, thought you'd like this photo of me working hard in mum's office...

I stayed with one of mum's friends while she was away and it was cool, I went to the office every day. And to the bar where the friend works (only I couldn't go in it because it had a REALLY scary wooden floor, so I sunbathed outside). But the most fun was waking her up at 5.30am every day because there are no curtains in her house... oops.


  1. lol...glad you had a good time

  2. I hope someone brought you a bowl of brew out there.

  3. Hi Murr (cool name), thanks for stopping by. I'm a teetotal dog (have to keep my figure you know).

    Django x

  4. Ohhhhhhhh.....what FUN for puppy!

    I think they oughta have a 'take your human for a walk along the sea' day out of appreciation. :-/


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