Saturday, 30 April 2011

Still on a high

Last night's performance of 'We Will Rock You' - well what can I say?  I'm not a big musical or theatre fan, my friend bought tickets for this for an early birthday present and WOW!   I was glued from start to finish with the talented dancing and incredibly powerful singing.  It was much funnier than I'd expected (although non-Brits wouldn't get all the quips), and had poignant moments too. The choice of Queen tracks for each scene were well chosen and interestingly/amusingly adapted for some.

The second half started with 'One Vision', and when the intro began both my friend and I could close our eyes and imagine ourselves back at Wembley or Knebworth Park, with crowds screaming and Freddie about to strut on stage.

The story is set in the world of 2300 when live music is illegal and all instruments have been banned, all music is digitally produced and danced to by clones. A small group of underground 'Bohemians' hold on to ideas from 300 years previously, found in the video scrolls telling of rock and roll, and a 'dreamer' (our hero) who will save the earth by bringing back live music.

If you're in the UK and any sort of fan of Queen's music or just want a good night out, see it!

I think I'll be getting the record deck out later and playing my Queen LPs from the 80s, loud ;-)

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  1. Very exciting. The band was electric!


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