Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Studying in a bra, and a photo

I'm sitting on the veranda, typing my essay in my bra (well I was before I popped over here to write this). The 6 o'clock sun is really warm and I'm in the lee of the house so no breeze here... so the t-shirt had to go.  Ah the advantages of having no-one overlooking - at least not unless they really, really try!

The essay is the last one for this year, it's a very general 1500 word affair about the advantage of looking at topics from different psychological perspectives.  I've kind of written the introduction and feel as though the rest will come ok - until I hit that wall of course ;-)

I made a big mistake earlier, I looked at the course page on Facebook. I haven't looked for a while because it annoys me, but I was hoping that in amongst the rubbish there might be some useful tips on TMA06.   There were a couple of posts on there saying 'Oh whatever, I just can't wait to get this year over, I've hated it'.  Last year when I was doing social science there were similar comments about that course. I think I've probably mentioned this before but sorry it's bugging me again. Yes it's been hard on occasion but it's a degree course - what would you expect??  I find it quite sad really, and I want to post on there that I've found it really interesting and life-enhancing and horizon-broadening.  I'm sure it can't just be me...

Here is a completely unconnected photo of my 'garden wall':  Everything growing in it is self-seeded (probably with the help of the birds).  No cherry trees this year (not yet anyway).  Anyone who can invent a connection between this and my post, please share it...

Later when it's cooler I will take Django out for a walk. I suppose I'd better put my t-shirt back on for that.


  1. Well the title got my attention anyway. :D

    Nice wall. ;)

  2. People are conditioned to think about the outcome not the journey I'm afraid. So they dwell on the the getting things out of the way and not the interesting stuff that they have encounted and learnt. Oh oh I have a link the builder of the wall was probably focusing on the wall as completed and how many bricks left to place rather than the brick he/she was placing. Tadahh do I get a prize now.

    I read a book you might find interesting Its called The Invisible Gorilla This is the website for the book

  3. Well.......some folks are about the wall, the bricks and the mortor and the clean lines. It's all linear and that's that.

    Other folks are about the bricks and mortor and what can, given time and the contributions of life, grow in the cracks.

    I think you're of the last type.

    Just sayin'...

    I was sorta kinda worried you were looking for a a connection with the BRA and the wall.

    I ain't touching THAT one with a ten foot pole.

    Again.....JUST sayin'......

  4. Joey - sorry if the pic disappointed ;-)

    Chibi - good interpretation and you're right, for some it's all about the piece of paper at the end. Except that my wall wasn't built as such, but just a pile of bricks removed from the house in 1993.. the pile in front were in 2009 I think - still to grow their moss! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

    MeMe - shucks I'm disappointed you didn't attempt that one. And yep I like your idea too.


  5. I think you ought to put up your point of view on the Facebook page and start a new trend. Bring the others out of the woodwork - or out of the cracks in the wall.............

  6. Rosie, I have just posted on the group wall:

    "Question to all those who have 'hated' DSE212: what specifically? the content, the essays or what? Personally I have found it really interesting, horizon-broadening and it has made me think differently about the world. Yes it's been hard work but it's a degree course, I didn't expect anything less. So I'm interested in your thoughts. I'm sure part of it must be down to the reasons for studying in the first place ie. whether each course is a tick in a box towards the final piece of paper, or learning for learning's sake which it is for me."

  7. You sure have a hand with those blog titles!

    Lots of serious subjects this week, and I really enjoyed reading them all.
    The sunning dog had my belly-rubbing fingers itching!

  8. Hi Nancy, yes I guess I've had a few things on my mind ;-)

    Django would stay there for hours if his belly was being rubbed!

  9. *laughing*

    I could tackle the bra/brick thought--just ain't gonna! :-D

    And I'm seriously interested in the feedback/comments from 'those folks' who dare to comment on your question(s).

  10. *ahem*
    That's memeME.


    But since I'm willing to consider you my 'friend' until you 'un-friend' me--you can call me MeMe.
    --or is that de-friend...

    Oh hell......Just call me shewhoramblesonforeveraboutnothinginparticular

  11. Ref the course: well - my question got 4 'likes' and two comments from people who were finding it interesting but hard work (ie. the same as me). As I have now commented myself, 'I guess those who keep saying they hate it don't have a reason!'


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