Saturday, 2 April 2011

Risk analysis

In the last 3 months there have been two young ladies in the news who went missing, and then their bodies found.  One apparently left from her flat with someone, the other was the victim of a taxi-driver at 2am.

When I was walking through the back paths of the woods this morning I idly started wondering how long it would be before anyone missed me, and how long before they found me, if I was attacked in the woods.  I decided it wouldn't be very long as I'm expected at my parents this evening, and it wouldn't be hard for them to deduce I was somewhere in the car with Django, and then to find the car.   I remembered my self-protection course I went on a few years back, after which I walked with my hand on my car/house keys in my pocket just in case. I wonder how many of the techniques I'd remember now if I had to?

I rarely think about any dangers in dog-walking alone. Mainly I think most murderers would probably be too lazy to be in the places I am, and then hang around on the off-chance of a girl on her own happening to walk past.  Popular city parks are a much easier target.

So, there you have my cheerful thought for the day!


  1. Oh....well......that cheered me up straight away!


    Pepper spray.
    Screaming alarm keyring?
    Hope puppy will protect you?


  2. Oh and there was me thinking that if I had a dog I would be able to walk on my own. Wouldn't Django protect you, or at least bark a lot??

  3. Sorry girls!

    That's just it isn't it, you don't really know what your dog would do in that situation? I like to think he'd protect me (as he does verbally at home) but it's pretty hard to practice with a friend to find out, because the vibes aren't right.

    Anyway it was just idle thoughts really, I'll go back to not worrying now ;-)


  4. If we had a dog like our old Rottweiler, I would definitely have a dog that would protect me. Now I make sure to make my purse kind of heavy as a weapon for those kinds of things. Chemistry books are good for that too!


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