Thursday, 28 April 2011

Physio and the concern of mothers

I saw my physiotherapist this morning.  The outcome of it was that I'm doing all the right things (cycling, walking, exercises) and basically it's now just down to giving it time.  The bone is still 'remodelling' and will be for at least a few more months, so he didn't suggest trampolining or training for a marathon. I mentioned that I was thinking of doing some swimming so that got a tick, as did the fact that I make up my own physio exercises sometimes! So no more appointments, but I can make one with them if I want to discuss anything.

I won't be telling my mother this because I don't think she will consider that sufficient, despite the fact the physiotherapist I've been seeing works at the best regarded practice around here. Although as I see it, the reason I don't need to see him is because I don't need him to motivate me - I have enough motivation for two people, and I imagine that is a big part of a physiotherapist's role.

He said my leg was pretty strong (though it did blooming hurt when he did the 'ok, push as hard as you can against my hand' stuff in all different directions!).

So I'll just carry on doing what I'm doing. Yep, I can manage that.


  1. And your mother! :-)

  2. ...this sounds like a fantastic step in the right direction! You are your own best medicine!

  3. It's good to hear you're recovering. Bones heal slowly - as I'm sure you're only too aware.

    All the same it must have been an incredibly traumatic crash that you're still needing physio. I really admire your gutsiness.

  4. Thanks all, and Mel yes my mother only has my best interests at heart, I know that!

    Akseli, the only physio for the first 8 months was for flexibility and that has paid off. Since March I've started on the quad strengthening. It's taking time because I keep trying to overtake my body ;-) but I'll get there.


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