Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Things I've done and survived

O-Levels, A-Levels, driving test, piano exams, violin exams, motorbike test; unexpectedly having to stand up on a chair and tell a bunch of millionaires which sails they can legally use. Getting married!

All those stressful situations I've survived.

I had a pretty anxious morning yesterday, but now I'm ready for this pissy little exam.  And in 24 hours I'll be on a train to Scotland :-)

Here is a photo of a beautiful poppy which is growing in the corner of my vegetable patch, self-seeded.   Isn't it just the best de-stressing sight?


  1. It is! ..and quite possibly the prettiest poppy I've ever seen lately! Good luck on the test you will survive this too! Happy trails on your holiday!

  2. Oh, that poppy is exquisite!!

  3. Being on a train to Scotland would do it for me. Lucky lady!

  4. JJ, luck doesn't come into it ;-)

  5. That's a poppy?! No way.



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