Thursday, 30 June 2011

Aggravation and excitement

Today was aggravating.  Not particularly busy, but everything was... aggravating.   I could feel my frown lines deepening as the day went on and the headache lingering in the background. We missed our goal for this month by 8 boats which was mainly due to one person being off sick, and all my stuff being AGGRAVATINGLY time-consuming and confusing.  But never mind, 8 boats is ok, and we have caught up since last month so that is A Good Thing.

And tomorrow is a half day, Mr H is due back at lunchtime-ish, together with Django and a new colony of bees he is picking up on the way.  So I am only working in the morning, in the afternoon we will be sorting out the new home for said bees, I'm rather excited!

Mr H has kept bees for 29 years and carried on when he moved down here, but we've had bad luck losing them over the winters recently. So for the first time ever we have decided to buy a new colony, and start anew with them in a better location and within walking distance.  They are quite expensive to buy, so they will be molly-coddled for fear of losing them over the very first winter which would be Not A Good Thing At All.

So, a relaxed evening this evening is called for - easy supper and a good book should do it.

But before I go, here is a gratuitous photo of our local lighthouse which is next to the castle I walked out to the other evening.

Edit at 9pm.  So much for sitting with a good book, I couldn't. Having driven to work today I NEEDED to do something.  Went for a brisk walk exploring some new footpaths down the lane, 3 miles later...


  1. Restlessness may be in the air today. I couldn't sit still either. Worked hard enough to EARN a rest, but every time I sat down to BREATHE up I'd pop again with "just one more" thing. LOL I'll sleep good tonight I think.

  2. good luck with the bees :)

  3. Eight. EIGHT?! Dangitall. I'm thinking that woulda irked me too.

    Next month!!!! Go get 'em!!!!!

    I gotta tell ya, I LOVE the lighthouse shot!
    What a cool place.
    MORE, please!
    <-- greedy!

    (that and I'm just sick of being sick and felt left out of the loop so I'm being demanding! LOLOL)(that's just truer than true!)


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