Saturday, 18 June 2011

Peaceful interlude

What can I hear?

Django snoring,
The clock ticking
The tap of the laptop keyboard.
Birds trilling outside

Otherwise all is quiet.

Mr H has gone fly-fishing on the river, it's right outside the door so I will pop out and see him presently; maybe I will sneak up and take some photos before he sees me.

We've had a lovely few days - a long walk on the beach, a short but steep walk up to a local monument, and this morning a damp riverside walk.  My leg aches but it's worth it.

Tonight Mr H is playing a half-hour set at his local bar. It's threatened with closure and they have got 12 bands together to play a gig, it will be busy and full of chatter.

Tomorrow morning will be a walk by the river, cooked breakfast, then a drive to the station and tearful goodbyes.  By the time I get to Glasgow I will have recovered my composure and be looking forward to getting home... and hoping that there are no delays and missed connections as there were on the way up.

This week off work has seemed more like two, it will almost seem odd to be going to work on Monday morning...


  1. sounds like a wonderful time to me, except for the tearful goodbye of course...have a good trip home (i miss train rides )

  2. I am not envious.
    I am not envious.
    I am not envious.

    I'm so envious it's pathetic...
    Look at that beach with all the rocks just layin' there for the stealing.
    And fly fishing?!

    I am soooooooo envious it's pathetic!!

  3. Sounds like you having a great time!


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