Wednesday, 1 June 2011

1st June 1966

June 1966

Today is Juniper's birthday.
She is 45
But feels more like 33.

It feels like an age since her last birthday -
Her attitude is different,
Her priorities have changed.

(How often has she written or confirmed that date of birth
Over the last few months?)

She's in a place she couldn't imagine a few years ago.
Kicking the steps up out of that rut.

Life is different.
But good.


  1. Love your words here!. Happy birthday....

  2. Happy Birthday, Juniper!!

    I think life is always good, but sometimes our eyes are clouded.

  3. Juniper: A very BIG, sincere Happy Birthday! It is time to alter the This Is Me on the sidebar to This Is The New Me! As they used to say, "You've come a long way baby"!

  4. Happy birthday hun! <3

  5. I like JJ...a LOT.

    So--ditto what JJ said!

    And a Joyous Birthday to you, ma'am.
    Many more...

  6. Happy birthday, Juniper! Lovely photo! :)


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