Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Notes to self...

Well the exam's over .... for another year anyway!  (I'm assuming here that I have managed 40% and won't be re-sitting in October...).  It went ok, I could answer all the questions and I feel all right about it. Not 'that was easy' but not 'that was awful' either.  

I now have 3 1/2 months of summer holiday before my 3rd year starts at the beginning of October, which will be 'Welfare, Crime and Society'.

I have learned a few things this year about studying, when there's an exam at the end (we didn't have one in the first year):

1. write good, clear notes during the year, even though it makes the reading more time consuming. I did this and it was a godsend when it came to revision.

2. my revision schedule worked - a month of rotating subjects, but making sure I took really good breaks as well.

3. try not to stress - after all it's not a life and death situation, and stress hormones aren't productive.

3. at the exam - don't sit with stressed people while waiting to go in!   I and three of my friends were sitting together quite happily, talking about other things. Two of our tutor group turned up, both intelligent girls. One was totally stressed out, and they started talking about subjects and the other one even had her text book out!  It totally screwed with our minds, even with my fingers in my ears, and we ended up going out and standing in the corridor to escape them.  Interestingly, one of them finished half an hour early, and the other one muttered afterwards about having totally screwed it up. So I'm not sure what that tells me.

So, tomorrow I have an 8 1/2 hour train journey up to Scotland.  Mr H is currently at his parents in Wales and he and Django will be racing me north in the van!  I can't wait, I haven't been up there since February, can you believe it?

I feel a bit weird at the moment to be honest, not quite sure what to do with myself after 9 months of feeling as though I should be reading/writing study stuff.  Although I'm glad to relax, I expect by September I'll be pleased when the box of new text books arrives...


  1. Wooohooooo!!!!!

    Not about the 8 1/2 hour train ride--best take a good book for the journey.

    Wooooohoooooooo!!! Done for the year!

    (I'm sure you've done quiet well.)

  2. You won't feel at such loose ends when you get up to Scotland and are with the Mr. and Django ;) I suggest you take something fun to read on the train ... that's a long ride. Have a great time.

  3. I totally know how you feel. I'm ready to go back to school, just to have stuff to do and people to talk with.


  4. I have piles of things to read - from novels to New Scientist to the two optional chapters from the course which look interesting. And I can read them with no pressure to remember anything ;-)

  5. There is something lovely about having a long train ride and a good book. Through some spectacular countryside too I bet. And you don't have to feel remotely guilty about reading something that isn't a text book. Have a lovely time, you deserve it.

  6. Well I know there will be reading in your life anyway....and no doubt on that train ride...although I love watching out the window on all train rides..and then there is the people watching...train rides can be quite entertaining! Have fun....and get ready for a super summer!

  7. Yay! I find the most amazing feeling is not having the stress or guilt on a day off, the pressure to study, rehearse, do well was enormous. I think we've done well and i'm proud of us both for sticking to our revision techniques and working hard. Would love to know what we've got! Note to selves: avoid tutor group members like the plague before hand! Shame we wont be taking any more exams together though :-( xx

  8. hey Princess :-) Yep we worked our asses off - roll on August and the results! May both be taking Level 3 Social Psych...? xx


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