Saturday, 25 June 2011

Stuff you kid.... 6WS

Stuff you kid, sticks and stones....
Six Word Saturday

I walked into town today in shorts and a t-shirt - it's overcast but warm and I have a dodgy thermostat and tend to overheat.   Halfway down the road a bunch of teenagers drove past and the passenger leant out of the window and pretended to retch in my direction.  Yes they are pleasant lads around here.

So, a few things went through my mind:

Oh my god, do I look that bad?

Why do teenagers feel the need to be hurtful to complete strangers, just to impress their friends?  there's no way he'd have done it if he'd been alone.

"I bet I look better than you will at 45, sunshine."

"One day you'll realise that real women aren't Photoshopped."

"Your legs wouldn't look that brilliant if they'd been crushed for 90 minutes - shall I show you...?"

Ok, my legs don't look the best - cellulite and not much muscle tone to speak of just now (but I'm working on that one). And they are odd, I mean not matching, not just 'odd'.

For about 10 seconds I thought "maybe I shouldn't wear shorts" - very rapidly followed by "Fuck them, I'll wear what I damn well like, if they don't like it, they don't have to look."

At a flick of the points, that of course took my train of thought off to how much we judge what other people wear, and we women are particularly bad at this.  "Oh my god look at her, she SO shouldn't wear that top, what does she think she looks like?"

Now there are some fashions which I personally don't like, but it usually isn't personal to the individual wearing them (except that they should perhaps think before following fashion so rigorously). At the moment it is black footless tights and skirts/dresses, and those stupid little pump shoes that no-one over the age of 10 ought to wear (in my ever so humble opinion).

I do think over the last few months I have become a lot more accepting of other people, maybe it is the studying that is making me think before I judge.  As soon as someone makes a 'Daily Mail'* type statement I will be considering the other viewpoint, and even - if I'm feeling brave - voicing it.    (*UK readers will understand what I mean).  But it still needs work, there is something inside us all that likes to make ourselves feel better by denigrating others, whether spoken or unspoken.

Anyway, by the time I was walking home I didn't care if people were looking at my legs, it makes a change to them looking at my breasts at least.


  1. Girl, what I notice in your photo is your gorgeous red hair! omg.. yes, teens can be hurtful.. Take comfort in the fact that Karma lives on... Those who throw stones will undeniably get it back- somehow, someday. Did u ever think those that are hurtful are sad folks themselves? why else do they feel the need to hurt others? they have the lowest of self esteem and they are most likely getting the same treatment from home.. or have witnessed it... Don't stoop to their level- they're not worth it.

  2. I'm glad you came to the conclusion to ignore the boys and continue wearing shorts. I don't understand why teenagers have to be so cruel. When they grow up, they will look back and feel terrible for acting that way. I, too, have become more accepting over the last couple of months. I think it has a lot to do with my illness (I had shingles and now have nerve damage that affects my head and my feet). We never know the trouble another person has gone through, so it's not right to judge. I think you have an awesome attitude!

    I'm stopping by from Six Word Saturday. I hope you have a terrific weekend!

  3. I get teenage boys making snide comments too because I "shouldn't" wear hip hop clothing at my age. Apparently I should dress like an old fart because that's what I am. Truth is they are jealous because even though I'm too old to be wearing it I still look better than they do in it anyway. ;)

    And actually, now I don't give damn what they think about me, even if I do look ridiculous, they mean nothing to me, so why should I care?

    Wear what you want, when you want. I try not to judge what anyone is wearing, well not in a negative way. I love to see people looking extreme and confident whatever their age or size.

  4. We should all take a stand for freedom of choice in what we wear. I think you look absolutely fine

    Sadly teenagers can be heartless but we as the 'grown ups' with knowledge about life can laugh out loud at how little they really know.

    Heaven help my teenage boys if I catch them being this heartless. Kalei's best friend - I heartily agree, karma comes back to bite.

  5. i love wearing sweaters with shorts and i love your hair and that you live close to the water!!! and, teenage boys are just that 'boys'...i like to think that most of them grow out of it!!!

  6. i think you look fabulous and honestly for the most part i could care less what other people wear...i hate dressing up myself, love my sweats , t-shirts and over sized jean shirts. As i got older i also care less about what other people think of me. The world is superficial enough , but we don't have to play along.

  7. You tell em! :)(Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

  8. Teens need to grow up. I mean, honestly, what trivial, show off to friends, regret twenty years later, behavior. I often find myself ruminating in my head thinking what the other person meant when "they" are not giving it a second thought. Lesson learned.

    Your words to be respectful, be yourself, and be considerate are heard, here, loud and clear. Walking with pride intact and confidence sparkles all by itself. You shine!

  9. bless 'em...such sillies...they'll grow up one day but until then we all have to listen to nonsense.....

    lovely shot of you in the water btw

  10. Thanks all and welcome to those who dropped in from 6WS :-)

    Donna you're so right - he was probably laughing at some other poor old biddy 30 seconds later and I was forgotten.

    It made me realise how less confident people can so easily be made to feel terrible. I was conscious of how it made me feel, and was having a battle between my rational self and my automatic, emotional reaction.

    This photo was taken on my visit to Scotland last week to see my boys :-)


  11. Well--as WPIML tells me 'other people's opinions are none of your business, Mel.'......but he also says 'F@#! 'em and feed 'em peaches'. LOL What that means, dunno........but I kinda like it when I'm in 'that' kinda attitude. :-/

  12. I think they were mentally challenged, as are a few from my work, male and female who walk through life with the idea that anyone over the age of 20 something is ancient...and they themselves will always be 20 something...seriously...

  13. I am so sorry that happened to you. I am sure that you did not deserve such rude treatment. It happens to all of us at one point or another. I hope you are feeling better today and have decided not to let it hurt you. Visiting from 6WS. I think you are beautiful!

  14. Yeah there are lots of things that I found out the hard way that I shouldn't wear. So the best thing to do? Hide in my clothes. :P


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