Thursday, 1 March 2012

We're more important than you

Whenever there is news of an air crash, or something happening on a cruise ship, or any other terrible disaster, the News will report that "there were 5 Britons aboard" or "on which there were no Britons".  

Who cares?

People are people.

People died or suffered in some way.  Why should it matter whether they were British or not?  (and let's not get into the discussion about what constitutes 'British' or we'll be here all night).

It's as if the British press think that the world consists of Important British People and Everyone Else (of lesser importance).  Are we supposed to feel more sorry if Britons were killed?  or think "Oh, that's ok then" if none were?

Do other countries do the same or is it us?


  1. I would guess that celebrities, politicians get more attention than the average.. I so agree w/you, then again, I am sure the media has gotten flack for not mentioning who, gender, ethnic group, etc.
    Look at the attention Whitney Houston got.. if she was the average Joe, she wouldn't have gotten front page... btw, did u read they are making a movie about her life? This may be harsh, but she was accountable for her life - and her low self esteem is to be blamed for her falling into the drug world..Looks like her daughter is following her path.

  2. Oh yes. We get "There were no Canadians on board" all the time. It always seems to come across as " it never really happened..." to me.

    Or "so it doesn't really matter."

    We all have our own form of tunnel vision, unfortunately.

  3. We get the number of human lives lost. That there were no Americans in the casualty list is generally viewed as an after thought, but it isn't main point.

    Maybe that's the way I view it?
    Maybe it's the way I hear it.

    Nope. Checked with himself and he says that's the secondary point, not the primary one!
    So it's not just me hearing it that way then.


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