Thursday, 22 March 2012


No I'm not talking about dancing (for those of you in the UK).

This evening I am doing a mock exam question, which is part of my Open University assessment.  It's only worth 5% of the overall mark but is good practice, plus it's made me start my revision in good time!

So, Mr H is going to take Django out for a walk so I have an hour's piece to answer the question 'under exam conditions'.

Hmm, I suppose that means I can't have a cup of tea on the go while I'm writing?


  1. Oh I think you might just get away with having a cuppa while you work...but don't take a flask with you on exam day...that wouldn't be a good idea!

    C x

  2. Carol, we are allowed to take (quiet) food and drink in, but who has the time for it!?



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