Friday, 2 March 2012

Blogging and The Mole

Mr H and I were discussing blogging last night, and how one has to be consistent to get a consistent readership and responses.

When I started it properly in 2010, when I had a lot of time on my hands, that was no problem. Lots to say, lots of time to say it.  Now that I'm back at work, studying and have Mr H home to distract me, I don't find it so easy.

I often think of things to blog about while I'm walking or cycling home, but have forgotten it by the time I get my computer out (yes, yes a sign of old age!).  Or nothing interesting enters my head... that's probably not true but it isn't things I can put into words.  I did decide to make more of an effort though, and if it's not intensely thought provoking or amusing then so be it ;-)


We just got the Hillman Imp Super (the Mole) back from hospital, with new head gasket, starter motor, thermostat and a few other bits and pieces.  The MOT runs out today so Mr H went to work in it before we have to settle down to sort out the bits that need fixing. I had to smile as I watched their diminutive form trundling off up the road!


  1. I know the feeling my poor blog has been poorly neglected over the last few month as well.

  2. Okay-- I adore the car! It's too darn cute! :-)

    As for the web log stuff? I guess that's probably true?
    You devote what you want to devote to it--use it as you want to use it. Readership (if that's a word) will go up and down, sometimes depending on the season, the weather and the whim of the reading parties. LOL Okay--that's just true for me. But I'm a creature of habit. And a I'm a bad one to ask.
    Oh wait. You weren't askin'......

  3. Really blogging for me is more about being connected to bloggers you enjoy! Whether they're having a cheerful and smart day or not. It's just picturing moments of a person (or their car) "trundling off up the road" to how you can craft a tasty dinner from a near empty cupboard! Keeping in touch, bringing smiles.....and etc.....


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