Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A week of reality - or was it?

As Karen S. noticed, I didn't have the time or energy to post last week!   It felt as though Mr H was home for about three weeks not one (in a good way haha!) and yes we were still speaking to each other by the end of it. We were both exhausted though, having worked our way through the list of things we wanted to do!

It was a suspension of reality in a way, because we wouldn't normally spend a week's holiday at home together - it was a bit like having 4 weekends back-to-back.

We both noticed how these days we are so much on the same wavelength, I think being apart has improved that (you'd think it would be the opposite, wouldn't you?).  On one day I gave him a hand to put the engine back into his A35 van... it was tricky and involved trolley jacks and blocks of wood, mixed in with brute strength and brains to get everything lined up.  Although it is years since we worked in an old car together, it just fell into place totally naturally, each knowing exactly what the other meant.  It felt really good.

(Not that we always agree on things, and sometimes talk at completely cross-purposes, but then we normally end up having a joke about the fact we don't have a clue what each other is talking about...!)

On Tuesday we drove 250 miles for an interview - for him not me - in an urban woodland area.   When we arrived we thought 'oh my goodness' as it was quite busy with visitors, it must be absolutely heaving on a bank holiday. The district was lots of small woodlands in a built up area so would have involved lots of driving on busy roads - the complete opposite of where he is now!  But it was half the distance away from home so that was a big plus point.  The interview went ok but we suspect that Mr H was the 'token outsider' since the other applicants were from that district; he didn't get the job, but he said that saved him having to decide whether he wanted it or not. Something else will come up, no doubt.

Walking Django after Mr H's interview

The other big thing last week was that I had x-rays taken. It turned into a bit of a long, stressful morning not helped by the fact I was really tired from the weekend, thankfully Mr H was on hand to rescue me when my emotions got the better of me.  The long and the short of it is that the x-rays looked ok apart from one area at the top break, which doesn't look as though it's got new bone growing, so I've been referred for a CT scan to check it out.  I'm not sure when that will be, sometime in the next couple of months I guess. I was glad about the referral as it is something positive to do, rather than just being sent away with a 'yes it's all progressing fine, see you in another 6 months'.  

The rest of the week we spent gardening, Mr H worked on the van, and other bits and pieces. Oh and I picked 206 quinces!  Oh My Goodness..... I am now down to 95 having got rid of some to friends and family and made two batches of quince jelly (so far). They are too good to throw away, so I might get imaginative with the preserving/recipes!

206 quinces

Oh and how could I forget? it was Mr H's birthday on the 4th... I baked a birthday cake and we had a nice day together. He was on his own in Scotland for it last year, and for quite a few before that we have been away for it, so it felt extra special this year being together at home.

So that was our week... he is now back north but Django is here for a couple of months.  It's good to have the company, and a reason to go for walks - it just doesn't work without a dog!


  1. Awwwwwww........that's quite the week. And yes, it's like four weekends back to back. And no--I don't find it odd that the distance aligns stuff when you are together. Lived that--though you would think it'd land the opposite, huh?!

    Dropping in a motor? Holy moly you're a talented gal. LOL And then you're making jam or whatever you make with that quince stuff.
    I'll ask himself at some point. Kinda looks like a pear but I'm bettin' the taste ain't even close. ;-)

    You'll need holiday time to recover from the holiday time! Wow.....now there's a brilliant idea!

  2. That's the sort of week you need a holiday after!

    We find we get the most cross when the other one doesn't automatically understand what you're thinking. Have to have very explicit instructions when we each have one end of something :-)

  3. Mel: quinces are very fragrant and a beautiful taste - more interesting than pears. I recently discovered they are part of the apple family, but they're nothing like those either ;-)

    When Mr H and I first got married, he converted me to classic cars (much to my parents' consternation), so I learnt quite a lot. We've had a bit of a gap due to lack of time and inclination, but the enthusiasm is returning in our old age.

    Rosie: yes same here... but we don't stay cross for long because it always seems so ridiculous ;-)

  4. Right. NOT a pear (more interesting than pears) and not an apple (which they're nothing like at all)!

    That about clears it up for me!! LOL

  5. You really need to get some quince jam or jelly to try - THEN you'll see what I mean ;-)


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