Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Change of track

I was going to write a sociological blog post entitled "Criminal Court or Theatre Stage?" but instead I spent the evening making Quince Jelly, walking Django round the field in the dark, and on the phone to Mr H for 55 minutes because I was feeling down and needed to talk to him.

In between I also managed to eat re-heated lasagne (always best on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th nights) and watch Doc Martin on ITVplayer.

Tomorrow I am going out socialising, a pretty rare event for me! Our sailing club is holding a Scalextric evening which sounded like fun, so Mr H was sent to get our box of cars out of the loft last time he was home. I might even treat myself to eating out while I'm there, and will hope not to let down the fairer sex with my performance on the track (it's been too many years since I last played).

So, I might get back to criminological discussions later in the week, if I can remember what it was I was going  to say...


  1. Oh, I'm with ya on the lasagne--day two is my favorite!

    As for the socializing with Scalextric?
    Yeah......I have no clue but I'm hoping it's fun!

    <-- going to ask the Brit now!

  2. ENJOY, Juniper! so often I am focused on what I ought to be doing, instead of what I am doing. I bet Django and Mr H really appreciated talking and walking with you.


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