Thursday, 15 September 2011

Brain required

Today is our annual meeting of representatives from around the country, so I am having to dress with my best smile and manners.    I'm not very good at meeting stuff; I prefer to have my head in something technical, but it has to be done.  And I've got to help with taking minutes today, ugh!

When I went to last year's meeting I was on 2 crutches and non-weight bearing - that made me realise what a difference a year has made!   It's looking like a beautiful morning so I will be cycling to work - now that I have the van here rather than the car, my bike is transport of choice to work as it's just easier.  I have just ordered some good waterproof over-trousers, they cost me almost a tank of fuel but if I cycle to work every day I'll have saved that in a month!

Right, time to get my brain into gear and get dressed and breakfasted.  I'm still recovering from last week and looking forward to the weekend when I'll have time to do those things on my list!


  1. Wow......a year already......

    And as crazy as the cost of fuel is, cycling is a good multi-tasking answer, methinks.

    (you'll note the lack of comment about meetings where it's required I show up and perform in the best of my behavior..LOL....that's cuz I suck at 'em!)(go figure......)

    Hope it went well for ya!

  2. I can never think of good things to say to stupid sugggestions, until an hour after the meeting, darn it!


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