Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My next challenge

I have started dipping into my next OU course, Welfare, Crime & Society, although it doesn't officially start until 1st October.  

It sounds as though it will centre around the 'entanglement' of social welfare and crime control and already I'm feeling quite excited about it - I think it's going to be very interesting.

I don't know yet who my tutor will be, but I hope they are as good as my first two have been.  I'm going for a Grade 1 for this year, so will be counting on you to chivvy me on if I am slacking or feeling despondent!


  1. Yes ma'am!
    ....just as soon as I know what chiwy-ing is, I'll do that!

    I think.
    Is there coffee involved in that? JUST askin'....

  2. Mel, chivvying = encouraging... and yes you can have coffee while doing it, by all means :-)

  3. Ah HA! Well then..I can do that!!

    C'mon--getcher bloomin' arse movin'!!

    (howszat?!) :-)

    <-- practicing!!

    k...that might nottabeen real encouraging.

    C'mon........chocolate at the end!!

    <-- more encouraging!! :-)

    (borders on bribery.....)


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