Thursday, 1 September 2011

The week I've been waiting for

Mr H is home tomorrow!!!  for 10 days....  ooh will we still be speaking by the end of next week? ha.

And Django is coming back to stay for a couple of months.  I haven't missed him as much as usual, not sure why; but it will be nice to have company again and stop having to talk to myself.  

So tonight I will be putting the loud music on as it helps me concentrate on the clearing up the mess I live in, before he gets back. I may as well pretend to be one of those tidy wives haha ;-)


  1. I admit that when mr. kenju used to travel a lot in business, I often looked forward to the days when he was gone - since it allowed me to slack a bit.

  2. go the loud only window of opportunity for loud music is headphones or when the wife is out (and it's not the music i like, she just can't stand loud music. period)

  3. "tidy wife"....LOL All the loud music in the world wouldn't make that happen for me!

    Enjoy that visit, ma'am.
    And to heck with the housework, already!

  4. Just popping in to say hello....and from this post I see why you haven't had the time to post! Hooray, Mr. H and Django home for a well deserved stay! I agree with Mel the heck with the housework! Enjoy your time together!


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