Thursday, 26 May 2011

Spot's Spot: the hills are calling

It's my last week here in the South for a while - on Sunday dad is collecting me and I'm going up to Scotland for the summer.  I'll miss mum but I'll still see her on visits!

I don't think she'll miss my summer moult...

But I'm sure she'll miss our little chats.

bye for now,
Django x


  1. Dear Spot have a lovely holiday and send lots of photos. Love Sweety
    PS Tell Mummy that the blogs she deletes are the ones I really really want to read

  2. Hi Sweety, or rather, "Bonjour"!

    Mum says sorry about the post - she doesn't like herself when she rants! It's a shame one has to delete posts and can't just 'unpublish' them possibly to publish later.

    Django x

  3. have a great visit..i hope to see Scotland one day

  4. What a lucky puppy!

    It'll be strange, huh? *sigh*


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