Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Discombobulation and muscles

Hey hey, sorry about the lack of posts....  I had a busy weekend with Mr H, and I'm kind of still discombobulated as I try and get back into revision mode.

So here is a picture of my vegetable patch at the weekend, getting the strimmer treatment. I can't wait to nosh on new potatoes and beans.

Charging off on a different tangent:   today I took some photos of my leg for the solicitor, and when I compared them with the ones I took in January I realised that my right leg isn't as weak looking as it was. The cycling and walking etc. is paying off - I have more muscles - hurrah!

Now, back to the books.


  1. Yay for weekend with Mr. H and your muscles! :D

    Have a good week darling!

  2. good looking muscles...we only had rain the last few weeks and not much is growing , your yard looks great

  3. Good for you leg wise. Glad you had a nice time with Mr H. Super veg patch, I'm growing my own veg this year and also trying my hands at strawberry's my little lads had a few of them already and there are more on the way.

  4. Oh, look at that garden! Holy cow.... Now I want fresh potatoes and tomatoes.
    I'll blame you, of course.

    I'm glad for the weekend with himself. Gladder for the muscle tone returning--pays off to stick to it even when it seems like it ain't paying off, huh?

    I have one lonely tomato plant.

    Maybe it needs a friend......

  5. Chibi, I was given a baby strawberry plant last summer and hoping for some fruit this year - have it netted already!

    Mel, definitely it needs a friend... I decided against tomatoes this year. Last year we had a cherry tomato plant on the patio and Django kept pinching them ;-)

    And yes, it's very gratifying to see some results from the exercise!

  6. Wow what a garden impressive!..happy you had a fun weekend...and that all is growing and rebuilding as it should! Keep on keeping on!


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