Friday, 6 May 2011

Bumbling along

I've lost interest this evening. In everything.

I could be washing up, proof reading my essay, having a shower, walking Django, writing my blog.... oh.  Well.

After cycling home I did some comprehensive weeding in the vegetable patch. That was enough for me, can I curl up with my book now?

The best part of today was standing under the Laburnum, listening to the constant hum of lots of bumblebees collecting pollen in their trousers...

I could have stood there all day but unfortunately 'stuff' required my attention.  Like work.

My mind's not really on stuff at the moment.

It's thinking about the fact that I'm picking Mr H up from the station next Thursday night for a long weekend.  He hasn't been home since March and everything in the garden looks so different now, I can't wait to share it with him.


  1. Oh I do hope he gets home safely to his beautiful wife. And yeah last night was one of those days for me. You'll get out of that funk! :D

    Now onto my Hamlet paper.

  2. Enjoy your visit together!

  3. I call these types of days none days and I have found going with them are usually the best curl up read a book. Its only when a none day starts to become a none week that I start to get worried.

    Have a great long weekend with ya fella.

  4. Okay--that's a happy buzzy bee butt if ever I saw one!

    I'm with ya.
    I got home and collapsed on the patio swing--the first real evening swing worthy since the calendar declared it was spring.
    I'm not motivated for squat--and I'm thinkin' that's okay. Tomorrow is a new day.

    And you've got a garden to show off once himself gets Thursday won't come soon enough, huh?

  5. I like that term "none-days" Chibi J, yes reading your post I also think I would like to spend the day with a good book. Especially out in the garden with all the bumble-bees!

    Why is that work always has to invade such perfect moments?

  6. You are going to be enhjoying SO MUCH more than the garden...yay for Mr. H....coming home! It's strange I felt that not interested in anything feeling too last week....maybe it's in the I drove to the seems the power of the water just brings me back....especially when my gardens are so unbecoming at the moment! Have a great weekend dreaming and reading and waiting for Mr. H.


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